Saturday, November 10, 2012

Conceit Can Be An Author's Downfall

Don't Let Success Inflate Your Ego By Being Rude To Others

For years I have been writing and publishing articles under various "pen" names. Many have been very successful, shared and referenced by others. Others have been used with permission in books, studies and in schools.

There is not a day that goes by that I do not get numerous emails regarding my articles. Of course I am impressed and do pat myself on my back. But one thing I DO NOT do is act conceited towards others. That encompasses in comment, in email, in articles or in my profile that I may have anywhere. You will never find where I have put myself up on a pedestal, posing as being above any other being on this planet.

However, I see authors daily, who have become successful, and then they put themselves up on a pedestal as the "all knowing" person, and post such things about being arrogant, grumpy, and how they have no time for others unless they are respected for being the All Knowing Author. They will further be short and rude in comments on articles and in community forums. They try to leave the thought that you should feel privileged that they took their "valuable" time to read your material and commented with their negative comment.

You will find them in all online communities. I have yet to find one community where this group of the All Knowings do not exist. Maybe they belong to an All Knowing Author's Union, the AKAU of the Universe or something similar.

I will say this, when these Kings and Queens of the All Knowing stop by and leave such garbage on any of my articles, wherever they may be found, I will do several things no matter what stats you show on your profile. I will delete the comment, unfollow you if I follow you, and unlink to any of your articles I may have referenced in any of my articles. I will further block you on the site, Facebook, Twitter, etc., or wherever else I may have you. I refuse for you and your "success" to piggyback on myself or my material.

Now I am sure that this will raise some hairs being I am posting this on a site filled with authors, however, I was going to post this on my personal site, but wanted to share it where it would get more viewership, and I feel that HP offers that.

Don't get me wrong, I am always open to constructive types of comments, and please do point things out. I learn from all comments with the exclusion of what I have referenced in this hub. I enjoy responding to all comments, emails, and all communications and am well known to take the time to respond to all. This does not come out of conceit, but out of compassion and the love of doing so.

Please note I never specified any community, site or forum by name, nor will I. This is just a heads up for all who pop in from all over the web and read this along with my articles wherever you find them.

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