Sunday, November 11, 2012

Vampires or Vampyres: The Immortal Ones

Vampyre From Myth and Lore

They walk in the dark spaces, between the shadows and are never here,

They do as they wish, with no fear, regret or care of who you hold dear.

They are the warriors from ancient times past,

The ones who live for ever more and beyond.

Dark souls filled with immortality

Hunters of humanity....

Dealers in sorid tragedy.

Vampyre straight from myth and lore.

They live with heightened passion, hot and pure ecstasy divine,

No care for you or self, loyal to kindred only for all time.

Blood is their fuel and breath of life,

Loyalty to kin being their only law.

Intrigue is their pleasure and delight,

They kill at their leisure with no thought in sight.

Your fate is their treasure.

Vampyre straight from lore.

They walk amongst the world of humans, seen, but never there.

Sanguine or the psychic arts, they really have no care.

Reality and fiction combine creating sublime,

Did you feel their touch last evening, dark and cold?

Feel safe as you walk the path mundane,

Once you meet one you will never be the same,

We are the only ones able to play the true game.

Vampyre. Down to the core...........

This is my thoughts on Vampires, or with the popular and trendy spelling of Vampyres. I write and share this without any first hand knowledge of ever knowing a vampyre or vampire. My insight comes from various movies, television shows, numerous books and talking to others.

Often times I have wondered how it would be to be a vampyre or vampire. To live to never die, well that is a nice concept. However it would seem that one would eventually get tired or bored. I mean after about 500 years, there would not be a whole lot more you could experience one would think. Of course history always offers new experiences, so I may have to rethink that one.

I would not mind the blood thing if it was not human blood..well I think anyway, if it meant immortality. I know that I have heard of some vampires/vampyres that drink animal blood. I would reason this would not be much different than eating a very rare steak and such.

However, at this time, I do believe that I will simply continue life as a mortal and just let my imagination play with the thoughts of vampires and or vampyres.

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