Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Soul's Call

Listening To And Knowing The Soul: A Native American Perspective

Upon the wings of night,

What dreams enter our heart,

Who can hear? Who can hear?

Our hearts as big as the Universe,

Our Souls as wide as time.

Proclaimed in many spaces,

Calling unto our shells,

Hear me! Hear me!

For all the truths you follow outside,

They are but lies in the sun.

Truth is in the heart of the soul,

Bestowed on all, bestowed in all,

A great gift, oft untouched.

Then why so many abandoned hearts?

So many give way the soul,

Every ounce of control,

To concrete and ivory towers,

That darken the skies before it is night,

That darken the waters,

No longer reflecting light.

Why can you not see me here?

Hear me. I call unceasingly,

I speak in the winds,

From the four directions I come.

Sense me from the East,

I inspire you,

In my illuminating fire.

Touch me from the West,

I draw you to reflection,

In the deepest caves.

Feel me from the South,

I play tag with you,

In waves of love.

Know me from the North,

I open you, to Me,

The eyes of wisdom.

The heavy eyes of Wisdom.

For once seeing, the world changes,

never the same again.

I am of the Sun,

I heal you.

I am of the Moon,

I guide you.

Know me in fire,

The inspiration of your heart.

Feel me in water,

The flow of your soul.

Know me in air,

The wings of your mind.

Feel me in earth,

You are Me in flesh.

Hear me, I am White Buffalo,

Who's Sacred Wisdom,

Is knowing the ways of peace.

I am Golden Eagle that dares you to fly high,

To touch your dreams,

To heed my call to freedom.

Hear me I am the Ancient Owl,

The eyes of many realms.

I see thru all realities,

With eyes that penetrate darkness,

With inner light.

Hear me, I am the Bear,

I call unto you,

Come unto me, that you might understand

who I am.

I am Soul,

A dolphin seeking the waters of your heart.

I am the Red Deer of gentle dawns.

I am Spider,

Weaving the sacred threads of this life.

You will never find me in some defined place,

or theology.

You shall never find me on some distant shore,

or place of any kind.

Fear, drives me away.

Anger stills my voice.

Unkindness brings me tears.

Judgment weighs heavy upon times sands.

Bitterness turns the heart cold,

Leaving no place then to rest my head.

For I am Soul, and we are one.

Silence is my resting place.

When chaos lifts its head,

And peace can not be heard,

Drowned out by noisy Crows.

Crows in the Head.

Crows in the world of the dead,

Closed hearts, broken dreams.

Come, I am Raven fly with me,

Into the Void of Silence.

I am the potential of all thou art,

A dream of Great Mystery in the making.

I am the place of knowing.

I am the very Core of you.

When I walk the world,

I gather what others scattered,

And scatter what others gather.

Look as you may,

You shall never see me on the path of waste.

You shall only find me amongst the creations of life.

Only there you will find me.

Only there will we meet.

Together we can create a world of peace.

Together we can build a rainbow bridge,

Dropping along the way,

Dream stones of many colors.

As one by one the bridge takes form,

Others will pick them up,

and if they listen,

The stones weave ancient stories of memory.

For in memory shall they come,

In dreams they shall remember.

And when they do,

The bridge shall be there waiting,

to cross over to the other shore.

Shaman's Walk - Healing the Soul

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