Saturday, November 24, 2012

Requiem Of An Unlived Life With A Wild Wolf Spirit: Living With A Wolf Spirit Inside

Let Your Wild Wolf Spirit Grow and Expand

There are many in the world today and many in the world of the past who have felt they have not lived a "full" life. The below poem is about such a person that has a wild spirit within that is caged by the limits of the mind and body.

Many times a reevaluation of what we consider to be an unlived life, as described within this poem, will reveal that we have, in fact, lived a pretty full life. We will find that there are blessings there and experiences there that are very unique to us and us alone.

Many have that wild wolf spirit contained within. Learning how to unleash it will vary from person to person. At times our expectations of how to release this wild wolf spirit could be misleading. Again, evaluate things more closely. Look for avenues to release that wild wolf spirit that is within the grasp of how you are living your life at the moment. It is possible!

Tribute to the wolves - Freedom

My eyes are filled with unshed tears

I stand alone and try to weep

To mourn the passing mist of time

But they do not fall and still I keep.

My screams locked away within my chest

Along with the spirit young and free

Wild as the unchained winds of time

That unclaimed, lost, wild part of me.

I long to have a warrior’s heart

To roam this world as an unchained one

But I look back upon my life

And see so much still left undone.

I live a life vicarious

I live a life of rules and laws

A wolf soul lives within my heart

But with weak and blunted teeth and claws.

I live the life of others

Safely caged in walls of ink

For I fear to live a life unbounded

Lest like a stone I fall and sink.

Into a lake of unmourned ones

And pass without the tears of friends

And so my life slips softly by

As was my beginning so shall it be my end.

I live a life of safety

Held within myself

Without the courage to drain the world

Of all its beauty, joy and wealth.

I will live forgotten

And I will die unknown

To the world beyond my sphere

Of my job, my friends and my home.

Who will mourn my passing?

Who will shed a tear?

At the passing of a meek, chained one

Who lived his life awash in fear?

I have not lived my life

My life has not lived me

And I will pass into the void

Of dark and silent obscurity.

Perhaps I will not ever unchain

The wild wolf spirit inside me.

Freedom is what the Wolf's Spirit is all about.

The Story of Two Wolves courtesy of Esta Weiss, Pagan and Proud of It Art

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