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What Is The Cost Of Magic and Mystical Arts?

Expectations for Mystical and Magical Services Rendered

There is a practice that those of the mystical arts have in a great many of paths. This practice is known as taking payment before a working, spell, direction of energy, or anything else that it is called is worked for the "client." There is a reason that so many paths and individuals in both light and dark paths work in this method.

When payment is received up front there is no lasting bond or agreement. The client has got what he or she has paid for. Thus they can go on their way without feeling indebted to the crafter for the work that was done for them. The crafter has gotten payment and no longer needs to worry about getting something in equal value for the energy they put forth for the Client.

Those folks that work on trades usually work on the assumption that they are dealing with people of honorable and noble intentions and that on a later date that a favor of some sort will be given back. Understandably however, once the crafter has finished his work for the client, the client already having his reward more likely than not will forget the service done for them or the expense in which ought to be paid for what they have already received.

If you are dealing with a crafty or malicious leech as the crafter, they might try to ensnare one of noble intention to feel indebted to them and try to raise the price continually on the working that was done for the honorable one in the past.

As a Wiccan High Priest myself I know all too well the need for benefit in committing myself to certain agendas for others. I know that others like me who may or may not have the sense of morals that I choose to live by may or may not make good on the deals that they make. Thus leading to a tentative place of trust a type of probing, a small gift is given and payment or another gift is given back. You may then wish to try to grow upon that relationship by making larger deals.

An acquaintance of mine in the past used to talk to me about what we called the Dark Witch of the Woods aspect.

There are those without an ability to do for themselves in the ways of energy, mentality, or even action towards some objective, will come to those of us that have those specific abilities and seek assistance from us. Often they come alone, without telling a soul of what they intend to seek out from us.

Often the service is done for very little in reference of benefit for those types. Simply because word of mouth will come about that there is one within the forest that can grant them certain advantages in the rare times that the topic might come up. They remember however not very often except when there is need for us again in whatever mostly petty concerns they might have. When the service is done usually they leave, joyous that they have gotten something. They forget about us until their next time of troubles, or when someone they know has encountered something that one of our skills can easily handle. Then for the most part after that we are forgotten, unknown, and we lay in waiting till the next episode comes along which our attentions are turned to.

Two entirely different aspects about payment in regards to the practices we provide for the masses. Usually I like to think that if my services are up to par then folks will know that they can trust me with particular problems. They should also understand that there is a price for the things that I do for them. Nothing is free folks, this lunch will cost you.

In most case scenarios, I choose to work on a donation basis as long as I don't find out that I have been taken advantage of. In other words, if you are limited, then donate in a limited manner for services provided. However, if you are gifted more financially, then the donation should be a reflection of such. The donation aspect was taught to me by "Chief Two Trees - Healer and Man of Wisdom Remembered." He did not physically teach me or guide me verbally, he taught me by the way that he worked and that was by donations. I witnessed "donations" in action, and feel personally, that this was the best solution for me as well versus "charging" a set fee for services rendered.

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