Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Sacred Gift and Our Spiritual Core

Sharing Of Our Spiritual Journey - Giving and Receiving

Through out the years I have undergone many spiritual changes that have come to me through the experiences that life has thrown my way. I have always believed that there is a part of us a spiritual core inside each one of us that holds the blueprint of who we truly are irregardless of the the decisions that we have made in our journey's towards godhood.

A building is only as strong as the design in which it was made. Reinforcements can and often are added along the way to further improve the structure, but changing the core itself is a strenuous and often difficult task which can take a lengthy amount of time.

The Spiritual core that we all carry embodies the patterns in which we in this life and in past ones have developed for ourselves. Modifying these things can take an extreme amount of energy and will. A need for survival, a traumatizing experience, the level of intensity to change the core can be immense in some people.

Light Pathers as well as Dark Pathers, those that seek to be freed from conditioned bonds, will have some limitation concerning them due to the core of who they are. Often when others might touch upon these things and see in them these aspects about them, these are critical areas that border on sacred. These things can be shared and in my experience they are probably the most intimately revealing things presented to those of worth, trust, or for some other extremely important reason. Gifts of the most critical sort because from a Light or Dark Pather the self truly is the most important aspect about existence.

To allow someone an insight on you like this leaves a vulnerability in countless places. Thus I have found in myself an ability to speak yet still maintain security in being closed on important issues. A cloak or shroud is spoken and acted with. Red herrings are placed in the efforts of leading on those that are naturally curious to different directions.

Friends, loved ones, and even some allies, will more than likely be given small portions of these intimate details in order to further connect. A trust is given, this being as said quite sacred, woe be to those that take advantage of this and use that information against the gift giver. It might end up that the wrath they have towards that traitor will be of no insignificant threat. Those that accept and return this approach however may find in that relationship a meaningful and important relationship that will aid them in whatever perils they face in the future.

Focusing some on the Spiritual Core, I am one that believes that intuition is the catalyst for our spiritual core, the driving force and the voice. One I "finally" acknowledged that it was intuition that was speaking to me, and started paying attention, it was then that my spiritual core became more solid and a foundation was created that supports my spirituality today based upon that realization and acceptance.

Relying upon intuition and "trusting'' in intuition is something that I recommend to all, no matter what spiritual path they may find themselves traveling at this point in their life journey. Recognizing intuition is is that "little" voice that always pops up when we encounter the need to make a decision. That first thought or little voice, is usually the best guide one can find.

Mind, Body, Spirit courtesy of Esta Weiss, Pagan and Proud of It Art

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