Saturday, November 3, 2012

Understanding Magic or Magick

The question! What is, "magic" or "magick"? 

Many have wondered what the proper definition of "magic" is. In this article, the meaning will be discussed.

To define the word "magic", we will start with what it is. Magic is actions taken and energies focused to cause change to happen. This would focus on the use of our will to implement the change. Energy is focused by our will and change happens.

As we progress in magic we gain the ability to harness the mind and work with intuition creating visualization. We seek to use some of our brain, or unconscious that we normally do not use. Much of our brain is never used in the course of day to day actions.

The energies focused when using magic are unseen usually. Using these subtle energies allow us to create change.

To tune the art of magic we implement different techniques, depending on the practitioner and circumstances. Meditation, voice work, exercise, visualization, ritual and breath control name a few. These will help sharpen our mind and give us balance needed to work with the perceived energies and wield them properly and to the best of our ability.

Will is a key factor as well in the art of practicing magic. The above techniques will also help us to create balance in our will and increase the strength of our will. The energy comes from our will.

As you continue to work with magic, you gain strength in all areas of your life and are able to overcome the guilt thrown at you by society. Those preconditioned guilt fillings about sin and such disappear. Inhibitions as well as stigmas will be removed from our lives. This allows the releasing of our energies to increase our strength in our practice.

Physical efforts done by the practitioner will also allow energy to flow more freely. The tension that we build act like body armor, holding in energies and preventing us from accomplishing magic at our peak levels. By exercising, such as doing yoga, dance or even massage will allow this shield to drop and the flow of energies to increase.

Magic in itself is not a spiritual path. It is what is incorporated into many different paths. You can find magic practiced anywhere in the world, by all sorts of religions, spiritual groups, individuals and societies.

Symbols are used very often in magic. These allow us to create stronger focus therefore increasing our energy flow. Associations with the use of symbols would be like perfume to attract a lover, and the use of copper in a necklace or bracelet could be used. These are associated with Venus who is associated with love. This is making change by working with items or symbols that are linked to what you are intending to change.

I have seen magic abused many times through the years. By that I mean magic being performed for greed in the process of personal change. There is nothing wrong with wanting love, sex, and to be rich, but magic tends to be focused on you gaining only what you need. So instead of getting rich beyond your wildest dreams, you will find you will be allowed to live comfortably. You will not always get what you feel you have to have.

Magic is about power. But this power is not over other people. It is personal power that you gain by raising energy levels within that grow and create positive change.

Commitment is a vital aspect of magic as well. You have to develop strength, perseverance and determination, ridding yourself of rigidity allowing you to be open to change. As you develop these you grow and reach your highest potential. This opens the doors for working in harmony with the universe allowing change within yourself as well as your environment.

Now for that question that many people ask. "Why is there a "k" on the end of the word at times?" The "k" is added to "magic" to set it aside from what magic is. Magic is the art of illusion. Change appears to happen but does not actually happen. Magick is not about illusion, but about real changes taking place. So the "k" is added to allow the difference to be known. "K" is also the eleventh letter of the alphabet. Eleven, when used with the power of ten, symbolizes the unseen and hidden energies. Eleven is the number of magick.

The benefits of working with magic over time are gained discipline, balance, harmony, spiritual growth, mental growth and allowing one to see the beauty of life fully enjoying it with unconditional love.

Magic Wiccan Altar courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

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