Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Perfect Magic Mechanical Machine - How To Practice Magic In Balance

Fine Tuning Your Magical Practices

In my experience on The Path one thing to be cautious of is a need to over complicate things. When starting out with a system of magic or energy work I have seen all to many paths going into the finer details of how their system tries to define everything about how it works. In reality we don't need to know so much at the beginning as we do need to find out more about it when we advance later.

For instance, when I learned how to ride my bicycle as a child. My father did not point out each and every mechanical instrument that the bike was made up of. He didn't tell me that the spokes were connected to the wheel to keep the circular shape that the tire was composed of. He didn't tell me that the chain was on the gears and would be powered by the pedals. I was shown how the brake worked without going into the aspects of why.

No, I was told to get on the bike learn how to balance and pedal. Before I crashed my first time I was shout at to hit the brake. The ability to ride the bike was deemed and I feel correctly so as more important at the time than learning why the bike worked as it did.

There are a number of theories why magic(k) works as it does. That is less important than finding a system that does the trick for you. When you have reached a boundary and you cannot go past it is then that you might want to see what is stopping you. What are the mechanics on your bike that need to be improved or modified in order for you to once again progress.

I don't believe that anyone has the whole or complete picture of how things work. Therefore trying to find all that before you practice isn't liable to improve your abilities in that area. When learning a martial art improvements are drastically made at first by the mimicry that you do when seeing the other instructors or advanced students. The why isn't so important so much as the form that you practice is improving.

Another important aspect in this is that the higher you go you end up seeing the impossibility of understanding everything. Each little mechanical piece of the bike is underwritten and composed of an infinite number of other mechanical pieces. The farther you delve into it the more lines of code you become aware of.

Thus advanced practitioners of magic, though they might have an understanding of a number of areas, usually focus on a few areas and devote their time to those. Delving farther into the selected area you are more than likely going to be able to transcend into the next level.

What is helpful in this is that energy if it must be looked at as on the whole, it must be remembered it is the perfect magical mechanical machine. The error comes not from it not working but our mimicked build of it when we seek to use it and tap into that power.

Magical Setting courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

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